IGS - Tubecore 3u Mastering Edition Review
Posted 2014-09-08 14:17:58 by Rob Swienink

Finally, after weeks of searching for compressors I've made a choice: I'm, going to get the Tubecore 3u from IGS. And after a nice conversation with IGS I've ordered it straight away. When it finally showed up at my doorstep i was pretty surprised. The compressor has a very high quality when it comes to build quality and looks. Just take a look at all those switches, i love 'm! But the most important question remains, how does it sound?

The tubecore comes standard with a pair of 6N1P tubes, these can be changed out to the following tubes:

  • 6BC8/6BZ8 – tight, transparent, punchy compression,
  • 6386 – legendary compression, by famous twin triode,
  • 5670 – deep and dark tube compression.

These are sold separately at igs. These tubes can easily be changed on the backside, which is a great feature as well. No need to open the entire casing. The unit has been fitted with Carnhill inputs and Sowter outputs. All buttons are stepped and have a nice click to them. Of course you can change the 0 line on the Vu meters.

After installing the tubecore into my mastering chain i went straight to work. I started with some jazz and instantly fell in love with the smoothness of the compression. It's has a sound to it, but it's still very sterile en gentile. Besides the normal stereo compression this has a mid/side option as well. This makes it very easy to get the side a bit more up front, or compress the middle a bit different then the sides. There is a hpf filter on every channel, only the lpf is missing.

This is a very good and potent compressor which i use on a daily basis. I am very impressed with what you get for this price. Everything has been build at a high level of quality and it just sounds amazing. The mid/side option is a great addition to this compressor. The hpf works great, i only wished it had a lpf as well. I am one happy engineer!

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