New speakers? Here we go again..
Posted 2016-05-14 19:00:19 by Rob Swienink

Too many it wouldn't be a surprise that I've been looking for a new set of reference speakers for a while now. This was a huge challenge because there are many valid options. I've literally been roaming the internet and shops for months to collect as much data as possible. Many options have been on my list at some point, and the following has become my choice:

We are going completely custom! The subs will come out of a PMC (Volt RV3143), mid is from ATC (SM75-150), with the delicate Scanspeak tweeter (D2608/9130.00). This will come with customized crossovers and a cabinet calculated to perfection, and cut with a cnc machine.

But why, you ask? Why won't you just buy a pair of b&w, tyler acoustics or even atc's? Well there are different reasons. One reason is that I can make the speaker exactly how I want it. For example, I've listened to a pair of atc scm100's and found them lacking in the low end department. Also the old vifa unit is good, but not to my taste. With this option I will ensure that I get exactly what I want. Fortunately I have a family member who is very good with woodwork, so the veneer/treating the woodwork will not be a problem at all. This means that I can choose exactly how the monitors will look, which is also a big plus in my book. Fortunately everything from atc/pmc and so on, is readily available. So this choice is a no brainer. The entire system will be passive as well, which gives me full control over the entire chain.

As you would understand this will be a very exciting and fun period for me, I'll keep you posted ;)

*edit: Replaces cabinets for transmissionline, will add blog soon.

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