About my new monitors;
Posted 2017-07-15 17:29:26 by Rob Swienink

Finally my speakers are completed and I have been using them for quite a while. I have to say that it has been worth every penny, and all the hard labor that has gone into making them. But I have to give a fair warning, going this route isn't suitable for everyone. It hasn't been easy.

First off, every cabinet has been custom made to fit the drivers, and of course the crossovers as well. Every driver comes from a pristine manufacturer and have been selected for a reason. The sub's come from Volt/Pmc, with their noticeable looks. For the midrange driver I shopped at Atc, in my opinion the best sounding driver there is. For the tweeter I was sure it needed a high-end soft dome, so I went with scanspeak. I simply can't live with a metal dome in any way shape or form.

But then you have everything together and a solid plan to go with it, which took quite some time. I've gotten the MDF pre-cnced, which is simply to most accurate way. But it meant that it had to be glued together. After that the veneer, and the paint had to be done as well. After trying to spray them myself (and making the entire bathroom black) I've decided to leave that over to the pro’s. The veneer was a challenge, but I could manage getting that on myself since the angles were pretty easy. It took a while for me to get it right. After that was done I had to solder the crossovers and fit the drivers in. Luckily it sounded amazing since day one. Of course there were minor tweaks needed, but it was fairly straightforward (bass port, sound dampening). In the end it was a bit harder than expected, but still without any real woodworking experience pretty doable.

The final result is something I am very proud of. They really sound very good, and I can sit behind them for the entire day with ease. The big advantage of hand selecting the drivers is that I chose the most analytical ones, which is noticeable in the end product. The most minor details will be heard, from eq to compression. For the amplification I went to Hypex, a well-known manufacturer. They hooked me up with 2 800w mono blocks.

In the end purchasing a already made kit would have been a valid option, even pricewise. It's simply a lot of work to get it all done. And then came the worst part: The waiting. Because pmc just launched a new line of speakers I had to wait quite a while till they were able to deliver my subs. In total it took me almost a year to get everything done, so you better have some patience going with this route. But still, I have made them myself! And what can be more satisfying then listening to your own speakers, that sound amazing.

- Rob 

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